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This web site is anything but fancy. I’ve made it with the purpose of presenting myself as a person who professionally handles words, not html tags. And the ultimate goal I have in mind is to find an employer looking for a writer and/or translator, not a web designer.

Notwithstanding the above, I’d like to stress that I made this site myself, using my own, humble, knowledge of the Hypertext Markup Language. Even those ugly icons for “Mail” and “Home” in the upper right corner of the screen—— Well, I confess that I drew them (if you are looking for an artist, it’s probably time to quit this page).

Sure, I want employment, either fulltime or freelance. And I know well the rules of the employment game, where the employer always has the final say. However, if I were to select, my employer would be one possessed with quality, who puts the quality before the number of words, like I don’t want to trade the quality for a big buck.

And yes, I’m a self-motivated, well-organized and result-oriented team player able of performing multiple tasks under time-pressure – just like MS Windows.

If you still have not lost your interest, I invite you to have a look at other parts of this site. Below on this page are my concise bio and the essence of what I offer. On other pages you will find my CV, letters of recommendation, and examples of writing and photographing.

And thanks for visiting!

Bio in Brief

(As of late December 2012)

After school I entered the Kherson Branch of the Odessa Technological Institute, and quit it after the very first semester, because believed that I would become a musician. It has never come true, even though I was employed as a stage worker :) at the Kyiv Conservatory of Music before being drafted into the army.

After the army and until the collapse of the Soviet Union I was a telephone exchange electrician (officially) and a translator of scientific and technical literature (unofficially). After Ukraine gained independence, I made a living as a translator for a private firm, a news agency, and a number of international technical assistance projects. In my spare time I translated “Rising Sun” by Michael Crichton.

In October 2004, I was employed by Chemonics International for its team implementing the USAID Local Economic Development project (USAID LED). The following eight years with Chemonics were the best in my whole career. Beginning as a translator/interpreter, I then became a communication specialist, and finally the communications manager of USAID LED and the USAID Local Investment and National Competitiveness project (USAID LINC), which succeeded to USAID LED in 2009.

Now it's time to move on.

(For more details, please review my CV or download it as a PDF file.)

What I Offer

In one word, diligence.

Writing a story, translating a text for my employer or an occasional client, I always do my best. When anything in the text is blurred or clearly erroneous, I will contact the client or the author of the text, and I’ll leave no stone unturned to put things right. Many times my “truth-seeking efforts” resulted in rewritten passages, and more than once paragraphs were deleted altogether, leading to a reduction in my fee for translation (might have been a compensation for the extra time spent on the truth-seeking – just kidding)

I never interview a person without preliminary thorough Internet research into the interview subject and then drawing up an exhaustive list of questions. Several years ago, a foreign automotive company “stole” questions, which I had prepared to interview them, to use these questions for a faked newspaper interview instead.

That’s the way I've been treating my assignments for nearly 30 years of working with words and languages, and I see no reason for a change in this approach in the future.